The Taxi

This is no ordinary london Taxi.
It is actually one of only 100 that were imported into the USA in 1986 without engines, or gearboxes.
They were sent direct to Detroit where they were fitted out with the legendary Ford Mustang 2.3 engine, and gearbox.

The taxi also boasts many interior features as air-conditioning, electric windows, and plush seating.
Don't worry, it still has the jump seats as found in all London Taxi's, (Gentlemen, please hold the seat until the Lady is Sitting!)..

The Driver

My name is Ray, and I'm an import direct from Wimbledon, SW London.

I've been a taxi driver, and chauffeur on the streets of London for many, many years, and now ready to drive you to your special event in one of England's most iconic motor vehicles.

In my time, I have been lucky to drive many famous, and not so famous people along the streets of London, and beyond.

So, why not give me a bell, and hire this ol' British classic along with a classic ol' British bloke to drive it..

The Service

Although the vehicle is noted as a London Taxi. This does not mean we are a 24hr for hire service.
We are purely reservation only chauffeur service for: weddings, anniversaries, corporate events..
We look forward to driving you.
        British made, British driven..